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What makes an internship a success story

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What makes an internship a success story - through the eyes of the intern, manager and HR

Since the summer of 2013, it has become a tradition for Playtech to welcome interns to it's Tartu and Tallinn offices. Our internship program is the perfect opportunity to spend your summer wisely and join the ranks of a successful international IT company where you can make a real impact!

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5G opens up a world full of new possibilities

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Telia's mission is to contribute to the development of society so that Estonia would be a better place to live and work. Therefore, we also support education and innovation, promote the digital society and also contribute to Estonian cultural and musical events.

We are inspired by the opportunity to make people's lives easier and more comfortable with the help of technology. However, technology alone is not enough, Telia has dedicated employees behind it. For us, IT is human technology.

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How to grow from a student in TalTech to an encouraging leader

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ABB is a leading global technology company that is driving the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive and sustainable future. Combining software with its portfolio of electrification, robotics, automation and drives, ABB is pushing the boundaries of technology to take its performance to the next level. With a history of more than 130 years of excellence, ABB's success is backed by 105,000 talented employees in more than 100 countries.

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Proxion at the railway infrastructure technological development map

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We are committed to improving the safety, usability and smooth operation of rail transport, and we want to increase the efficiency of our railway infrastructure.

We are known in Finland as a provider of training services in the field of railways, and we will soon be entering the Estonian market with the same concept. We conduct trainings for skilled personnel in the field of railway infrastructure track, catenary, telecommunications and safety systems.

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What does the future of banking and e-government loosk like?

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TietoEVRY brings benefits to businesses and society through digitalisation. We are a leading digital services and software company in the Nordic countries, whose strength is combining international experience with a customer presence.

TietoEVRY employs 24,000 experts worldwide, serving thousands of companies and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. As a company with more than 25 years of history, we focus on software development, business process and information system automation, IT infrastructure services and banking software product development and sales in Estonia.

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How to build a unicorn aka life as an engineer in Pipedrive (parool: 931891)

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 Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform developed from the salesperson’s point of view. The company’s goal is to provide users with powerful tools that cover the whole customer journey. This means developing a holistic set of products for various customer-facing teams, from helping marketers find leads and sales teams close deals, to serving customer success professionals so they can better upsell and nurture relationships. Pipedrive’s mission is to support small- and medium-sized businesses as they accelerate their digital adoption to grow and thrive. 

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Kuidas nii oma rahaasjades kui ka ettevõttena toimetada jätkusuutlikult?

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Swedbank is the largest bank in Estonia, with more than 900,000 private and 130,000 business customers chosen as its financial partner. We offer a wide range of financial services and our goal is to help keep people's and companies' finances in order in the long run. We adhere to three values ​​in all our activities: we are simple, open and caring.

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Career paths at RIA: the future of e-government is in your hands!

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We are a national competence center that shapes and secures the foundations of the Estonian information society: we develop and manage e-government's central infrastructure services and ensure the country's cyber security.

We are one of the youngest state institutions that grows and develops every day. Our team of nearly 200 people is full of perseverance, flying ideas and, most importantly, we work with heart and fun.

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Energy Innovation: IT Challenges and Opportunities

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Eesti Energia's ambition is to offer customers useful and convenient energy solutions and to produce energy more and more environmentally friendly.
We are a company operating in the Baltic, Finnish and Polish electricity and gas sales markets and in the international liquid fuels market.

We create energy solutions from the production of electricity, heat and fuels to innovative sales, customer service and additional services related to energy. We work purposefully for the development of the energy world and use the opportunities to be a leader in more influential issues.

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Developing in a #superagile way (in your startup)

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Concise creates software solutions that bring new business ideas to life. As a team player, we embody our customers' IT department. In the face of challenges, we take responsibility and do our best. The solutions we offer are made in a tailor-made way, and the bright-eyed commitment to work is driven by the passion to create something extraordinary.

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The Climb: what IT mountains there are left to climb at the most valuable enterprise in Estonia?

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Microsoft's development center - formerly Skype - is the only top-5 company in the world to have its own unit in Estonia. And both in Tallinn and Tartu. Due to the high level of staff, our development center is one of the most important links within Microsoft, as it is we who are entrusted with the products and services of the future, from Microsoft Teams to Azure cloud technology and machine learning. Our work reaches hundreds of millions of people every day, and it is not a boastful slogan, but a dry statement of the situation.

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Electric mobility and the future of the automotive industry

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Moller Auto presents: electric mobility may transform the automotive industry like never before. E-Mobility is a trend, no question, but how does it change the automotive industry as we know it today? ???? The presentation will give a 10-year vision based on ID. Family (Volkswagen e-series cars) and its strategical significance for Volkswagen Group. We will talk about technologies and also business model change. How the high cost of developing electric cars is forcing some companies to find partners and turning others into acquisition targets. The need to meet strict emissions standards in China and Europe means that executives are paying far more attention to the policies being put in place in Beijing or Brussels, than what rivals are building in other car development centers. Lecturer: Matiss Zemitis, Volkswagen, Audi e-Mobility Manager Moller Auto is the biggest official reseller of Volkswagen in the Baltics.

Neuroscience - What does it have to do with marketing

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ePPC is a data-driven performance marketing agency, focused on high-quality digital marketing campaigns combined with precise tracking. We are part of a very selected group of Google Premier Partners agencies in Europe that are also official international growth partners and we’re one of the first Google App Partner Agencies in Europe. ???? In our lecture, we will focus on the introduction of what Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience are. And what recent techniques are being used to investigate consumer behaviors. ???? The lecture will be held by Mustafa who is also currently studying Human-Computer Interaction at Tallinn University. He is passionate about understanding the effect of multi-modal notifications such as pop-ups, on human gaze behaviors.

Neuroscience - "Questions and Answers"

The lecture "Questions and answers" will be held by Mustafa

Ott Kiivikas

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Ott Kiivkas ja Fitlap

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