MaiWistik is designed to help you take control of your radiance and well-being from what you eat and how you take care of your body. The basis of our collection is ancient plant wisdom, which has been enchanted to the products by Estonian naturopath Mai-Liis Kivistik. These are handmade products and we pay special attention, tenderness and care to each of them.

Estonians are a witch nation precisely because of their ability to know the plant world. Medicinal plants have been growing with us for centuries, and even a 100 years ago every Estonian knew so much about medicinal plants. In general, we have reached to a moment when we don't even dare to go to pick blueberres anymore, because maybe there is a wrong plant that gets in to our mouths.

The compositions of our natural cosmetics are natural and come directly from nature. Does not contain chemical additives and supports the skin's natural glow. We should only put on the skin, which we would be happy to put in our mouth, because everything that comes in contact with the skin is absorbed very quickly into our bloodstream.

The whole being is important - you have to take responsibility for all your well-being by going back to nature.

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Facial yoga really works

Facial yoga is a real way to reduce double chin (Mirja's experience)

I'm Mirja, a 26 year old young woman who has participated in a facial yoga course. I go to school and work at the same time, so my life can be considered quite busy. I often have to set myself boundaries and make time for myself, otherwise I just write my work until half past midnight, as the rest of the time is simply lost elsewhere. I have two godchildren and an adorable baby girl, so I'm also what you might call a half-time mum

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Nature Therapist - who is it?

A naturopath or herbalist or phytotherapist is a plant lover with a holistic world view, whose aim is to bring people into deep contact with nature. Human beings should depend on nature and be in direct contact with it, because that is where everything necessary for life comes from. Each one of us is part of a greater whole. The environment we live in affects us and we in turn affect the environment. Estonians have always been considered a witch people, thanks to their knowledge of the medicinal plant.

Life on Earth cannot function without plants. Humans breathe in the oxygen produced by plants, use plants for food and medicine, and dead plants decompose to form soil. If we can notice our surroundings, we will discover that plants communicate with us and want to support us.

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Does insect bites get in the way of enjoying summer?

Are insect bites stopping you from enjoying summer?

Insect bites can strike unexpectedly. There are a number of insects around us that can bite or sting during the barbecue season, such as bees, ants, fleas, beetles, gnats, mosquitoes and wasps. However, most of these don't bother us unless we bother them, but knowing what to do if an incident happens is always helpful.

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5 reasons, why detox is important

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons - a time of new beginnings, but cleansing the body is suitable for any time of year. All green young plants are very nutrient-dense, because they have the power within them to sprout from the soil. They provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll and carotenoids, antioxidants, active enzymes and even essential amino acids. You could bring sprouts, nettles, tea leaves, currants and, of course, dandelions to the table. All kinds of edible 'weeds' could be plentiful on the spring table - smoothies, soups, salads.

An early spring starter is also the carrot, which is very effective in replenishing vitamin C reserves, boosting immunity and cleansing the body. Cleansing the body doesn't have to happen only in spring. Find a time that suits you, when the pace is a little slower, and do it. Trust me, your body will thank you.

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Best moisturizer - Body oil

What is the best moisturiser for my skin?

Oils and waxes in natural cosmetics has been MaiWistik's direction since the beginning. Why? Because, of course, they are arguably the best moisturisers for your skin. Read on and see for yourself. Dry skin will no longer be a problem for you when you make friends with the world of oils.

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Natural cosmetics make your skin glow

 Natural cosmetics make your skin glow

The ingredients in natural cosmetics are natural and come directly from nature. They contain no chemical additives and support the skin's natural glow. Nowadays, it's crucial to be an informed consumer to understand what's really in the products we use every day.

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How to keep your skin looking younger: " The basics of minimalist skincare "

@MaiWistik: Exposure to many chemicals in beauty products can lead to serious health problems. The skin is our largest organ and the covering fabric of our entire body, which has the job of protecting us from all external invaders.

The ingredients in natural cosmetics are natural and come directly from nature. They contain no chemical additives and support the skin's natural glow. Find out how to take the best care of your skin and why it's important to be a conscious consumer in the first place in this interview.

Interviewer: Jana Sandberg

Mai-Liis Kivistik, naturopath and founder of the MaiWistik brand, answers the questions. MaiWistik is a brand of natural cosmetics made from hand-picked Estonian medicinal herbs, perfect for Nordic skin to maintain youthfulness. It's a combination of herbal therapy, yoga and face yoga. In balance with nature! 



10 reasons, why face yoga is important

10 reasons why facial yoga is important

Facial yoga helps to tone the facial muscles. There are more than 50 different muscles in the face, and by keeping them toned, you can make the whole face stronger and more youthful. Facial yoga is therefore a great way to train your face!

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Dry and delicate skin - How to take care of it properly?

Delicate and dry skin and how to care for it properly?

Skin is the fabric that covers your entire body. It's job is to protect you from all external invaders. Dry skin is a wonderful mirror because it gives a good indication of the state of your entire body. It is not possible to look at any skin problem in isolation from the digestive system. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about acne or psoriasis.

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Is natural deodorant worth a try?

Natural deodorant - is it time to try?

Natural deodorant, alcohol-based spray or 72h protective sweat stick - which is best for your body? We all sweat, and where sweat accumulates, odour follows - the underarms are one of the biggest contributors to body odour
We rely on deodorant so much these days that forgetting to put it on in the morning can feel as bad as not brushing your teeth. Smelly armpits and sweat stains can be embarrassing, but luckily deodorant can help to control armpit odour

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What's the one procedure you need to do in the sauna?

What's that one procedure in the sauna you haven't even thought about?

Sauna has always been important for Estonians, and the world knows that sauna is a serious tradition for us. In the winter, sauna is the home SPA of almost every Estonian. So how do you still get the most out of it?

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How to train your face to look younger for longer?

There are more than 50 different muscles on our face, the inactivity of which makes our skin look loose. By training these muscles, your face will become more beautiful and smooth. Facial yoga includes exercises for the entire face-you can reduce wrinkles around your eyes and lips, and even avoid double chins and frown lines, which are usually among the first to appear.

By practicing facial yoga regularly for 6 months or more, you'll see your face tighten completely, reduce expression lines, reduce bags under your eyes, and wrinkles can be reduced by 80%. A significant change in overall skin elasticity and firmness.

You can take a class from Friday's online seminar:

  • Understanding why facial yoga is important;
  • Understand how your habits cause facial wrinkles:
  • Knowing how to take care of your face:
  • At least 5 exercises you can start practicing right now.

How to slow down the ageing process?

Ageing: how to slow down the process?

Ageing is part of life. However, we can make conscious choices to slow down the process and thus keep our skin glowing even in old age. Here are 5 habits you can break to slow down the ageing process

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What is the most effective skin care product?

Make-up oil: the most effective skin care product

Make-up oil, face oil or body oil are no longer at all uncommon products on our shop shelves. The oil moisturises the skin, keeps it elastic and strengthens its natural functions. Dry skin is never more problem. But what should you know about oils in the field of natural cosmetics?

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How to protect your skin from the cold?

It sneaks in from here and it sneaks out from there - how to protect your skin from the cold?

When exposed to harsh winter weather, skin can become dry, irritated or even cracked. Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis can be exacerbated by the weather. It's clear that our dry skin needs extra hydration in winter, so it's worth reviewing your...

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