Online Events as Marketing Channel

Let's assume for a moment that you make furniture, it's your small business (or big), in which you invest your time, body and soul. But how do people find out that such an awesome furniture company exists?

Someone notices the advertisement "Handicraft fair 2019" in the local cultural center, all furniture and handicraft companies are invited to exhibit their creations. Great, you think and write yourself down. The fair is successful, people are delighted with your furniture and you manage to make a lot of sales. Even better, there was an artist at the fair who would love to draw his own designs on your furniture. You have found a cooperation partner, everyone wins and is satisfied. Only, the fair lasted two days.

Many could not come, some exciting products could not be ready by the time of the fair, there were so many interested people that it was not possible to communicate with everyone. Better next time?

Online Events

It is no secret that all roads lead to the Internet, or at least through it. Participating in the trade fair described above is certainly a good way to reach customers and find partners, but in reality, organizing a trade fair is quite an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. For a company, both large and small, visiting many fairs can bring new customers, but it also requires a lot of resources, especially if the fairs should be held abroad.

Therefore, OnlineExpo offers a solution - a form of online events that take place only on the Internet, but are assembled based on the activities of real people in the real world. The idea is the same as at a regular fair, companies operating in a similar field can create simpler and more complex landing pages, or in our language "virtual fair booths", where visitors can get information about their product or service. OnlineExpo, like any good event organizer, makes sure that the online event gets the necessary marketing and attention.


What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid is something that combines two or more technologies for maximum benefit. In the automotive world, a hybrid consists of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, saving space, reducing fuel consumption and damage to the environment. In the marketing world, the hybrid fair works on the same principle, the communication and sales techniques used in reality and online are combined.



Why is a hybrid event good?

The main advantage of the Hybrid Fair is the possibility to visit the event from anywhere where the internet is even spread and to come if interested and get a classic visitor experience. This could be compared to buying real estate, first you visit the real estate portal, select objects that excite you, and if there is enough interest, you go to see the object.

Therefore, the fear that online fairs will die out their classic predecessors is not justified. Rather, both the event and the participating companies get more attention and benefit from it.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

Business is always associated with risks, this is no surprise to anyone, as is the idea that it is wise to spread risks. In order to do good and meaningful marketing to customers who are potential buyers, you have to offer them the opportunity to come both in reality and in the online world.

The online event center has created the necessary tools for entrepreneurs, now you just have to act.

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