Kas mēs esam

Mēs savienojam tradicionālās izstādes, sociālos un biznesa tīklus, mājas lapas un e-veikalus, kur apmeklētājs var sazināties ar eksponentu neizejot no mājas vai biroja.





Hybrid Events

Intelligence in Event Management

OnlineExpo Expo Centre combines traditional exhibition rules with elements of social and professional networks, a homepage and a web-shop. Visitors can to participate in a trade fair, seminar or exhibitor's promotional event and get acquainted with the exhibitors without leaving their home or office. When getting to know the exhibitors, it is added to know that there are real and communication-oriented people on the other side of the screen, and if an offer seems appealing, you can also react to it immediately.


A webinar is a tool for making an interactive online presentation or training. An event-focused landing page will be created for the webinar. The landing page contains a description of the topic, time, duration and location, and registration forms.

The webinar has two important stages - live streaming, ie live streaming and viewing during the event, and sharing materials online.

Event Calendar

HomeExpo 2020

A Home is not just four walls and a roof- it is the place to charge batteries and to think bright thoughts. HomeExpo 2019 is an international online exhibition organized by OnlineExpo and taking place in a virtual Expo hall. It is a unique environment where we connect the experts of different fields and visitors looking for maximum quality. HomeExpo 2020 can be divided into four seasons- every season has its' own...

Kids and Family 2020

This hall is meant for companies who provide products and services to make families’ everyday lives easier. All the companies taking part are in family and child care business and are represented with their advice, support and guidance. Here You will find everything to do with helping families ease and improve their everyday life. May it be smart toys, advice for dental hygiene, coping with allergies etc.



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