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Our mission: to give people the opportunity to drink delicious and high-quality coffee at an affordable price

Our goal: to make coffee business simple, convenient and profitable for our partners.

Our priority: quality and technology in everything we do and constant development of our products: beverages, business models, process automation and analytic systems. We create innovative solutions for the vending market and test them in our own retail network. Due to this we provide our partners with useful tools and open for them additional opportunities for growth and realization in coffee business.

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High-tech vending, ERP + Big Data

Edvart Ziyazetdinov

Edvard Ziyazetdinov, co-founder and co-owner of HOHORO coffee chain.

Edvart's report: High-tech vending, ERP + Big Data

Edvart told about business shift to digital environment, about automation of all processes and how to manage business and sales from the phone.

Company's own ERP system and successful IT solutions: application, sales management and location analytics.

Scaling up the vending business in 2022

Ilnar Shamsutdinov

The recording of the report by Ilnar Shamsutdinov, Strategic Development Director of HOHORO, the co-founder and co-owner of the coffee-service network HOHORO.

The theme of Ilnar's report: Scaling of the vending business in 2022.

The plans of the company development and scaling up through the ecosystem. Ilnar will tell about the realities of the vending business, about NEW-SCHOOL of vending and how to become a partner of HOHORO.


  • Delicious coffee from vending machines
  • Proprietary packaging;
  • 2300+ coffee shops in Russia and CIS countries;
  • 300 coffee shops in our own retail network;
  • 1000+ partners;
  • +200 new partners every month;
  • 15000 tasty coffee glasses daily;
  • Innovative solutions for visitors and partners;
  • A unique system of search, analysis and selection of locations, which is based on up-to-date Big data;
  • IT tools: ERP system and visitor loyalty system;
  • Own production and Trading House;
  • Profitability - from 50%;
  • Payback period 10-14 months;
  • Opportunity to earn from 480000 rubles per year.

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HOHORO business model.

Millions in self-service coffee shops.

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